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"It might not be better with more people in the world but it could be better with more world in the people."

¨There is no us and them.  There is only us.¨

"In life we are all sculptors molding the clay of time until the moment we look upon our final creation."

"Everyone holds a piece of the puzzle. Half the pieces are white and half are black. You can't change the colours, all you can do is put it together."

"If it can't be done with a Swiss army knife, it can't be done."

We left from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on September 16th 2004 and arrived back on September 16th 2014, exactly 10 years later.  The majority of our time on the road was spent on bicycles, riding approximately 60,000 kms on six continents.  We experienced many changes in the environment and it's influence on the people. We came to the realization that culture is a product of it's environment. Even with global communication and travel, it's easy to see that culture holds strong in it's natural environment. Humanity's differences lie in the beliefs and customs that are separated by borders in nature. Beyond this, the similarities shine through. We realize that this is all just common knowledge and now we've confirmed it for ourselves.

We are now in the writing process to complete a book of our adventure.

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Sedentary Secluded Cyclists

secluded cyclists

It’s been a few months since we arrived at the end of our culture quest and we have to admit that we don’t miss the road much at all.  We’re having a good time writing about and in a way re-living the adventure that was a decade of discovery.  We’re tucked away in the Canadian wilderness with the snow, trees, moose and beavers.  We feel like a couple of bears hibernating in our den for the winter.  The cold, crisp air is perfect for clearing the head and as a result we are around a third of the way through the first copy of the book.


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